'Deadliest Catch' Rundown: Capt. Phil's Stroke and Jake Anderson's Missing Father

Last week, the Deadliest Catch served viewers with a "shocking" episode that showed Jake Harris stealing pain meds from his father, Capt. Phil Harris, and admitting he was an addict, while Jake Anderson's father's truck was found without him. In terms of the drama, this week's episode was no different. In fact, it's was deemed even more heartbreaking than viewers had expected. Here's what went down:

Upon learning about his son's addiction, Capt. Phil confronted Jake about his addiction though what unfolds was not the kind of altercation you'd expect from a father like Phil. In a nutshell, he encouraged his son to go into rehab as this might be Jake's only hope. It's a sad and touching scene that could only get worse in the coming episodes, knowing what already know about Capt. Phil's fate.

The highlight (or should I say the saddest point) of last night's Deadliest Catch was when one of the crewman discovers an unresponsive Phil in his room. Paramedics arrived to check on Phil and we learned that he had a stroke--a stroke that will later on claim his life.

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