LOST: Guess Who Gets Together (And a Surprise Return!)

Before you even attempt to read this, know that it is a spoiler article!

More filming reports are coming out of the LOST set in Hawaii. Despite the fact that a start date hasn't yet been set for the season 6 premiere, fans can't get enough spoilers for the final season of LOST. ABC is delighting in teasing us with season 6 promos (but with no new footage, because like they to torture us).

The most recent news coming from the Hawaii Blog is a filming report taking place in a restaurant featuring two characters. Except one of them is dead. With the "reset" that is supposed to take place in season 6, it's not surprising that dead characters would return (see: Charlie and Boone), but now we have word that recently-deceased Charlotte (Rebecca Mader) will be returning to the show. And it looks like her character will be having a date with none other than the show's resident dashing con man: Sawyer.

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