ROOKIE BLUE ''Honor Role'' Review Episode 8

In the eighth episode of ROOKIE BLUE, Honor Role we find out that Andy McNally is feeling guilty over her fling with Swarek; Diaz’s relationship with Gail gets complicated when he stumbles onto a case involving her brother; the cops face off the detectives in a training session and Dov and Nash return to a place more dreaded than prison, sewers and hell combined: high school.

The episode started off strong, with Gail and Diaz comically trying to evade Dov without success. We learn that Diaz had indeed broken up with his long term girlfriend. The fact that he immediately entered a relationship with Gail may be a bit unrealistic, but Rookie Blue is not the sort of show you would go to for gritty realism.

It is the sort of show you would go to for an hour’s worth of escapist fun, and that’s exactly what we got.

The rookies are on career day duties at the local high schools. Nash and Dov wind up going to Dov’s old high school. His enthusiasm has me suspicious from the get-go: I have never met anyone who remembers their high school experience with absolute joy. Nash, now this is more like it: cynical, bitter, miserable; Nash had it very tough in high school as a pregnant teenager and her reluctance to be there, regardless of how awesome the Muggle Hogwarts looks, is palpable.

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