'Happy Town' Episode 2 - 'I Came to Haplin for the Waters' Recap

I'm not even sure what to make of 'Happy Town.' It's a murder mystery, but parts of it are so goofy you think it might be a spoof. The tone is all light one moment, then dark and deadly serious the next. Is something magical and ghostly happening or is all of that stuff just a red herring? Who the hell knows?

No, I'm actually asking you, who the hell knows? I want to talk to that person.

Last week I said that I didn't trust anyone in Haplin, Minn. Not the goody-goody sheriff, not his wife, not the new girl in town, not the old ladies at the house, not the mysterious owner of the new movie memorabilia shop, not the guy who owns the bread company and not the creepy guys who seem to just sit around in dirty clothes and drink all day long. I also pointed out Abraham Benrubi's character specifically. The big, nice guy who has the restaurant seems to be a little too nice and normal and the sort of character you don't suspect so you should suspect him. This week we find out I was right.

I didn't realize how right. Benrubi is the killer? That's solved already? It's a lot more complicated than that, of course. He killed Jerry Friddle in the shack because he thought that Friddle was the Magic Man who abducted all those people over the years. And now his best bud Tommy, the new sheriff, has to decide whether or not to arrest him. I'll give the show credit for doing a fake out about this show being about that murder.

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