Recap Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Season 7, Episode 23 - Extreme Measures

Sloan shows up in Julian Bashir's quarters, baited by the fake announcement of a cure to the changelings' plague. When Sloan sees no way to get out of Bashir's interrogation, he kills himself. Bashir, with Miles O'Brien, use an "optronic engrammatic interpreter" to infiltrate Sloan's mind. Sloan tries to keep the two inside his brain, so that they will die when he goes brain dead. Sloan baits Bashir with all of Section 31's information. Seconds before total brain death, O' Brien realizes the trap and tells Bashir to get them out of Sloan's mind. Having obtained the chemical formula for the cure, Bashir administers the drug to Odo. Aside from some brief discomfort, Odo is completely cured.

Source: Wikipedia

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