'America's Next Top Model' Season 14, Episode 9 - 'Hobbits vs. Models' Recap

Oh Mylanta, 'America's Next Top Model' really needs to tell Reina that quoting 'Full House' isn't funny. The five contestants continue to bitch about each other while trying to take photos. Reina, while a nice and sweet girl, comes off really fake when she's announcing how New Zealand is wonderful and amazing.

Angelea slowly is being set up for failure. While she's talking big game, she hasn't delivered. Now her two friends in the house, Krista and Alexandra, have started to egg her on. To make it worst, it's that point where, after weeks of poor treatment, Angelea's hair is looking like a hot mess and she must have spent all her time waiting at the Port Authority in season 12 to not have time to catch any of 'The Lord of the Rings' trilogy.

After watching Alasia knock on the elevator door, we're treated to more stupid model moments. Jessica decides to bake a hard shelled taco on top of the toaster. I've never even heard of cooking something on top of a toaster. Part of the taco fell into the toaster, caught on fire, and the girls ran like Sims in panic. Jessica splashes water and then tries to snuff out the fire with a towel. Somehow, the toaster is unplugged and the fire is quelled. After the taco incident, she deserved the dings about her parenting skills.

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