Recap Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Season 7, Episode 24 - The Dogs of War

The episode begins wrapping up the remaining loose ends of the series before the series finale. The Cardassian rebellion headed by former leader Damar, whose successor Legate Broca is also introduced, suffers a severe blow when Damar is stranded with Garak and Kira on Cardassia, specifically the home of Garak's former caretaker Mila, and his rebel bases are destroyed. With the encouragement of Kira, the three bomb a Jem'Hadar barracks, where Damar reveals to the people that he is not dead, as Dominion propaganda claimed. He then calls upon the Cardassian populace to rise up against the Dominion. Even though the organized military resistance is gone, a massive civilian revolution begins.

On Deep Space Nine, Quark receives a message from the Grand Nagus Zek, apparently informing him that he has been chosen as his successor upon his imminent retirement. Upon a visit from his old rival Brunt, however, he discovers that Zek, presumably under the influence of his mother Ishka, has instituted a number of reforms, including promoting worker's rights, environmental protection and outlawing monopolies. Quark is so disgusted by these violations of old Ferengi tradition that he threatens to turn down the job. Upon Zek's arrival to name his successor, however, he discovers that he was never the intended heir of the Grand Nagus, and it was in fact Quark's brother Rom. Quark is still extremely unimpressed, and in a subsequent monologue swears to turn his bar into a refuge for the old unrestrained capitalism that was symbolic of his Ferenginar, though admits his brother is much more suited to be the leader of a new Ferenginar.

At Dominion headquarters on Cardassia, the Female Changeling, Weyoun, Broca and the Breen Representative Thot Pran note the Federation has overcome the Breen weapon, and resolve to make a major retreat in hopes that the Federation and its allies will leave them alone long enough for them to rebuild their fleets. Despite their position, they still believe in a final victory. Sisko anticipates this, however, and he and Chancellor Martok press for a final assault to be launched upon Cardassia Prime to end the war. Starfleet Admiral Ross and the Romulan representative reluctantly agree. After this, Sisko's wife Kasidy tells him that she is pregnant, and she is concerned by a warning from the Prophets that Sisko, as the emissary, must walk his path alone. Sisko attempts to comfort her.

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