Recap: 10:00 P.M.-11:00 P.M.

As this hour opens, everybody's playing catch-up, letting their colleagues and/or significant others know where they stand. A quick breakdown: The doctors tell First Gentleman Henry he's going to make a full recovery; Larry still thinks Jack killed Sen. Mayer; and, after being informed of that fact, Ethan is resigning.

As he tells President Taylor, "The truth is I failed you, and I should shoulder the blame for what's happened." That seems to be what he's doing - though a lot could happen between this conversation and Ethan putting his resignation in writing the next morning.

Soon after, we learn that Olivia is indeed the one leaking information about Ethan's purported screw-up with Jack to the press. Of course we all saw that coming - the real question is just how evil the First Daughter will turn out to be, and how far she'll take these power plays.

At Mayer's residence, Larry finally starts coming around to the idea that Jack didn't kill the Senator, thanks to some crime-scene evidence that doesn't add up - and a little convincing from a reluctant Renee. Still, he's not letting Jack's former "partner" out of that holding cell just yet, despite her spilling some Starkwood-related secrets.

Meanwhile, Jack and Tony reunite at a shipping yard and start doing what they do best - holding people at gunpoint (such as shipyard guard Carl, played by former Enterprise crewmate Connor Trinneer) and generally acting like the dangerous fugitives they are.

After confirming that Hodges' weapon of mass destruction is, in fact, waiting in a container on-site, Jack tries to call in the FBI - but, of course, the phone lines have been cut and cell signals are jammed. And the culprit is waiting at the gate for Carl to let him in: new baddie Stokes (Michael Rodrick) and his band of less-than-merry men.

Trekkies like myself will be happy to see Trinneer isn't playing an out-and-out terrorist - rather, as Carl tells Jack, he thought he was just helping smuggle in some Korean electronics. And - here comes the sympathy speech - he only needed the money to pay for fertility treatments so he and his wife could have a baby. Yeah, it's a cheap play to get us pulling for this guy, but darned if it doesn't work - even on Jack.

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