Recap: "Cold Snap"

After weeks of speculation, the mysterious Rebel is finally revealed. But first, Parkman does his humble best to save Daphne from the gunshot wound still endangering her life, Angela Petrelli plays keep-away from Danko's men, Hiro and Ando become makeshift babysitters for Matt Parkman Jr. and Tracy agrees to be the bait HRG needs to draw Rebel out. Throw in some inclement weather, world travelling and (maybe) even a death or two, and we have one jam-packed hour to cover. On with the recap!

Moon Man

After being busted out of Danko's holding cell by Tracy (more on that to come), Parkman enlists the help of Mohinder to get Daphne to a hospital. That's right, the gunshot wound that happened weeks ago for us is still an issue for Daphne, who is now septic. In the ER, Parkman spins a tale about how "Janice" shot herself while duck hunting. Believing him or not, the doctor informs Matt that all gunshot wounds must be called into the police. But Parkman quickly throws that thought out of the doc's head, instead rushing Daphne to surgery with no questions asked, and allowing Parkman to stay nearby.

Things are looking up for Daphne when next we see her. She's no longer "Janice," as Parkman has now convinced the hospital staff that they are treating Gwen Stefani. Anything for a nice room, eh? But once Daphne asks Matt why he told the doctors her name was Janice, she gets some juicy details on Parkman's ex Janice. Daphne decides that she doesn't want to be slotted into his ex-wife's space, and refuses to believe that Matt's spirit walk - which she boils down to Parkman "getting baked in the desert" is able to - predict a future that involves Matt and Daphne together. So, feeling great after her surgery, she bolts off to Paris.

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