Recap: "FOX-y Lady"

This week on Family Guy, Peter and Chris join creative minds to create a new cartoon show while Lois takes on a new role as a FOX news reporter. Did "Handi-quacks" prove to be a hit? How did Lois do when given a special assignment? Find out and comment on this week's recap of "FOX-y Lady!"

June 12th is the new official date for digital television, but for the Griffins, it was March 22nd. Peter and the guys are obsessed with a new FOX reporter who could give Lois a run for her money! Wait, did I just...never mind. Let's move on. In preparation of the digital transition, Peter and Brian purchase a new 46'' high definition flat screen television. Ok, it wasn't 46" but that would be my guess. The true test for the high definition is the news reporter on FOX, but when she finally appears in HD, she is nothing but an old, saggy woman. No offense intended.

After the "FOXY-y" news reporter is immediately shipped to Guantanamo Bay, an opening becomes available. Enter Lois Griffin. When offered the job, she is told to accept it for FOX's sake. I agree. Before I continue with Lois' plot, let me make a comment on the HD. It was so clear that Ellen DeGeneres' breath could be seen. It was fishy apparently. Oh...did anyone notice Seth Rogen appearing for a 2nd week in a row on FG?

Anyways, Lois is asked to cover a major story; Michael Moore. According to sources, Moore is gay and having an affair with someone. When Lois goes into the field, she discovers Rush Limbaugh leaving Moore's house. After FOX decides to not pursue the story (because Rush is a friend of FOX), Lois and Brian decide to chase the story themselves. Long story short, Michael Moore turns out to be Rush, but wait...there's more. Michael Moore really is not Michael Moore. Michael Moore is Fred Savage? Completely random! Was there supposed to be some humor here? Feel free to disagree, but I did not see any. It seems that Fred created many characters to continue his career. Michael Moore, Rush Limbaugh and Malcolm-Jamal Warner were a few. In the end, thanks to Lois, Fred Savage rejuvenates his career.

In the other storyline to this week's episode, Chris and Peter (and Meg) develop a new cartoon show called "Handi-quacks." Get it? Ducks that are handicapped. I must admit, I did find the intro to the show funny. Three ducks crossing the street to get soda, but get hit by a bus.... Well, the song goes something like that! Meg is eventually kicked out of the creative team for not contributing humorous ideas like the fact that the ducks own a wood stove. Come on Meg! I absolutely loved Peter and Chris' private meetings in the kitchen.

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Mar 26, 2009 3:00AM EDT

loved the wrap up ... kinda like the writers are admitting their phoning it in.i used to look at it like a game, 'why were they getting sucky?' were they running outta material? are they being lazy? are they trying to make a statement that the writers are still getting screwed outta money from royalties from sites like this (<- ok first off, not complaining about this site, love it, love what it does, but facing facts, that was one of the reasons they were on strike)? i was up in the air, but after last weeks show, the three min. unoriginal song that itself was a reused joke; thats laziness.

Default avatar cat

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Mar 26, 2009 2:06PM EDT

Going to disagree with you ^
Family guy season 7 Episodes 1-4 were Medicore, i'll admit.But the past few weeks have been excellent, Its not lazy, Seth knows his show is golden and knows he can do what he wants with it, he throws jokesjokesjokes, without an overall purpose or message which some viewers hate, i however like what there doing and love it.

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