Top Chef: Au Revoir, Mattin!

It's bad enough when Mattin didn't win anything on the very French episode of Top Chef last week, but he gets eliminated tonight? Oh, man. At the very onset of the episode, we pretty much got an idea on how upset he was, growing up in the French countryside but not even making it in the top three of the two challenges on the French episode.

For the quickfire challenge, Top Chef fans had a say for the first time because they got to vote for whichever featured ingredient they'd love to see. Cactus won - go figure, and everyone had around 45 minutes to cook something up. For the record, I didn't even know you can eat cactus, so this was pretty exciting.

It turned out to be a battle of the ceviche, with both brothers Michael and Bryan doing one, plus Mike. Surprised? Not really huh. In the end, Mike, with his salt-bathed cactus, won quickfire and $15,000.

For the elimination challenge, the remaining Top Chef chef-testants had to prepare lunch outdoors on a ranch for two dozen cowboys (first, the air force, now cowboys, what will they think of next). It goes without saying that these chefs, who are used to fancy cooking gadgets and implements, would have to adjust to the rustic and limited kitchen they'd be provided. And we also know that someone would mess up really bad. Hint: Mattin was very excited because he grew up in a farm.

Come tasting time, the usually pleasant and earnest Tom had a taste of Mattin's cod ceviche and tried to keep it in. He couldn't for the life of him though, so he threw it into the dessert and the words raw and gross were heard. Uh oh.

Well, there was something different on the Top Chef episode: no Jen on the top 4! Instead, we find Laurine, Ashley, and, well, the brothers again. And yeah, we say goodbye to the red scarves and clueless Matin.

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