Recap: "Alright Guys, We're at War!"

On the sixth leg of the race, the seven remaining teams travel to India, where roaming animals presented no problems but taxis did. And while some teams are dancing in the streets, it isn't all fun and games for the teams hauling a supply of camel food and decorating an elephant.

And they're off!

Leaving behind the freezing temperatures of Siberia, teams flew nearly 2000 miles to the heat of the Pink City, also known as Jaipur, India. Last week's first-place team, Margie and Luke, had a head start, but since all teams were required to take connecting flights through Moscow and New Delhi the playing field is leveled once again.

Luke states he is the strategist while his mom is the communicator. Less analytical was Jaime who is just looking forward to ditching her puffy "marshmallow-man jacket." Though I didn't witness any stress from them this week, Kisha mentions that she's bothered she and her sister don't get along. But as Mark once again starts out in the wrong direction, his brother Michael remarks that their "short little legs will do the job."

Heading by taxi to the outskirts of town, Tammy and Victor zoom to the front of the pack. But there is a lot of commotion as the other teams dealt with their cabs. Mel and Mike want to switch cabs, but then can't get their things out of the trunk. Later, the driver tells them he is doing his best and probably is, but most likely he really doesn't care. Mel is most stressed and screams at the guy. But he swears he'll feel bad about it for the rest of the day.

Christie and Jodi's driver stops for gas, prompting them to ask if there is a "hurry button." Even with their eventual mandatory Speed Bump, I wonder if this little delay affected the outcome of the elimination.

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