Cougar Town' Season 2, Episode 23 Recap: Dancing in the light!

Travis Cobb, the giant inflatable gorilla who has never had much feeling in his butt, has graduated! ('We know.' 'He's blue.') In the walk-up to the 'everyman student' speech-giver's ceremony, Grayson and Jules made the transition from secret lovers to public affection-displayers rather seamlessly. Grayson has ceased to be overly concerned with Jules' 'relationship-y' tendencies and has moved on to being a little annoyed that she (and her new wardrobe) can get pretty wrapped up in her son and suddenly shun the idea of sex. 'Quit your bitching and get me some coffee. Welcome to the second week of dating!' said Jules the 'asexual man-gobbler.' After the jump, one of the best actor-inserts-real-life-into-new-series moments ever. Bruuuuuuuuuce!

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