'Nikita' recap: News Kid in Town Episode 3

Nobody said being a journalist was a safe profession. Sure, there may not be the same obvious risks involved as there are for police officers, firefighters, or even Elephant trainers, but there is the possibility you can be tailed by a secret government organization, thrown into a covert black-ops cover-up, and forced to leave your life in the hands of some strange woman named "Nikita" who lets you sleep in her bed and wakes you up to the warm aroma of "java" in the morning. (Be wary, nobody calls it java anymore.)

The Division's target this week was just that: a freelance journalist named Jill Morelli, who had access to incriminating video footage about an AirMerica plane crash in the Appalachian Mountains, which thanks to a convenient forest fire, mysteriously resulted in no casualties and no wreckage. (If a plane falls in a forest fire... ) Morelli pitched the video to The Guardian Post, hoping to expose the reality of the situation: AirAmerica was using passenger planes to smuggle and transport cocaine. Jill, the ambitious reporter looking for her big break, was a messenger of sorts, and thus needed to be destroyed.

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