'The Office' recap: Say Uncle Season 7, Episode 1

Welcome back to season 7 of The Office! Has it really been so long? Steve Carell's upcoming departure casts a pretty dark shadow over the season (though I'm actually more saddened by Mindy Kaling's possible exit), but Nepotism didn't even acknowledge it. In fact, as 30 Rock and Community winked at their respective situations, The Office just carried on, business as usual.

The episode loosely followed the Dunder-Mifflinites' intense dissatisfaction with the new intern, Luke -- who turned out to be Michael's nephew. Everyone agreed that he was the worst, but Michael, as usual, couldn't go with the flow. "Why does God get to do something I don't?" he wondered. Why indeed.

After teasing us all of last season with an Erin/Andy romance, The Office pulled the rug out from under some 'shippers and actually had Erin together with, gasp, Gabe. Gabe! "Thank God he's my boss, because I would not have said yes to a first date otherwise," Erin gushed. Poor Nard Dog! (Nard Man is his dad.) Here's hoping Gabe reveals some inner weirdness because the last thing this show needs is another normal. We have Jim, Pam, and Oscar, and that's plenty of normal. Erin's awesomely strange enthusiasm, Andy's social ineptitude, Kelly's...Kelly-ness: Those are the joys of The Office. Until we get to know Gabe a bit better, I remain Team Andy.

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