'The Big Bang Theory' recap: Repro Man Season 4, Episode 1

Here's what I love about The Big Bang Theory: In a single episode, we are treated to chemistry puns, thoughtful soliloquies about Aquaman's toilet regimen, sex jokes made using statistics (or maybe it's statistics jokes about sex), and sight gags featuring a sophisticated aerospace robot being used as a masturbatory aide. It's a laugh-out-loud smorgasbord of high-low geek humor, and I am so, so, so happy it's back.

The season 4 premiere zipped us ahead four months from last May's finale and Sheldon Cooper's first rendezvous with Amy Farrah Fowler (Blossom's Mayim Bialik). Apparently, it took all summer for the Big Bang boys to finally get around to telling Penny about Sheldon's new, well, I'm not sure what to call her, since Sheldon refuses to acknowledge Amy as his "girlfriend." Even though a text from her -- making the aforementioned chemistry pun, "I don't care for p-chloro-ethylene, and I don't like glycol ether" -- evoked a warm smile and gawky chuckle from Sheldon faster than I think anyone or anything else on the show. Even though the two are so alike, and apparently e-mail, text, and Twitter at each other so often that Leonard, Raj, and Howard have taken to calling them "Shamey." (Which I do admit is a far better portmanteau than "Pennard.") And even though most recently, Shamey have been e-mailing, texting, and Twittering about, in Sheldon's parlance, "producing the first in a line of intellectually superior benign overlords to guide humanity to a brighter tomorrow." Or, in plain English, breeding. Cue a most-excellent spit take from Penny.

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