Lost Season 6, Episode 6: "Sundown" Review

Another week and another great episode of Lost. "Sundown" is a Sayid story that focuses on his belief that he is inherently a good man, but as the episode progresses, both the flash-sideways and events on the island reveal his true colors. Meanwhile, Smokie continues to recruit those who would be willing to follow him off the island and Kate returns to the temple.

Dogen and Sayid's fight scene was brilliant. It's not hard to throw a scuffle up on screen but it takes a ton of work and dedication to put together an intricate fight sequence with that much energy. It went from skilled martial arts to a bar room brawl and back again. A lot of anger coming from Sayid who deserves a few answers after being tortured at the hands of Dogen. Who can blame Sayid for being tired and pissed off? Every punch thrown emphasized his frustrations with everything that has happened to him the last five seasons. Great to see him let off some steam.

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