Smallville: "Kandor" (Season 9, Episode 7) - Review

With Ollie's story resolved the story shifts back to Major Zod's search for the Blur who he believes to be Jor-El. Surprisingly, Jor-El really is on Earth and makes his return to the Kent residence for the first time since season three.

There is a lot of exposition and story told through flashback this week but much of it is used to clear up some nagging questions that have arisen over the course of this season. The series of flashbacks to Krypton highlight Jor-El (Julian Sands) and Major Zod's relationship from close friends to eventual enemies. I could see some being a little disappointed with the explanation of what the "Bottled City of Kandor" is in the Smallville universe however I think this is best considering the confines of the budget the show continuously has to work with.

The Kandorians released from the orb at the end of last season are essentially all clones of original counterparts that existed on Krypton at the time of the destruction of Kandor. Both Jor-El and Major Zod added their DNA to the mix at a later date thus allowing Major Zod to exist alongside General Zod in the Smallville storyline. This explanation thankfully ties everything we've come to know in a nice and neat little package that fits in Smallville continuity. Jor-El also ensured that the clones contained in the orb of Kandor would not be able to harness the power of Earth's yellow sun, setting up this season's major story arc. There's definitely been a lot of thought put into how this story will eventually play out, more so than any prior season from what I can tell so far.

I'll be honest, I'm not to familiar with the back-story they've given General Zod in the comics, but I have to admit, I do like what they did with him here. Giving him history with Jor-El ever so loosely ties it with the start of the first Superman film and gives his rivalry with Kal-El even greater weight. Also, taking him from war hero to war criminal due to his anger at the loss of his family really gives the character some much-needed depth.

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