Serial Killers, Prostitutes and Other Soulless Beings

Last week on Dollhouse, Echo (Eliza Dushku) was hired out to be the perfect date for a rich, adventurous millionaire named Richard Connell (guest star Matt Keeslar), who turned out to be a nameless not so rich psychopath hired to hunt her down in the middle of a national forest. Presumably he was hired by a rogue active named Alpha.

Somehow, Alpha accessed some or all of his previous imprints and massacred most of the actives in the Dollhouse except Echo, whom he left confused, alone and naked on the bathroom floor, surrounded by the carnage of her roommates and supposed coworkers. His method of killing is nothing short of gruesome. He uses a non-serrated knife to quickly slice through his victim's entire body, inflicting the most pain and damage possible in as little as eight seconds.

Now, Alpha has this obsession with Echo. If he really did hire Connell, we can assume that he knew Echo would prevail since he obviously didn't want her dead before. Whoever hired Connell called Echo special. Maybe he views her as his equal and is trying to get her to access her previous imprints and maybe even her original Caroline personality. Maybe he's trying to save her from the undignified life of an active.

It's fairly obvious that the Dollhouse is the highest class of prostitute you can hire. True, the actives aren't always hired out for dates. Sometimes they're hired to be a midwife, for a hostage negotiation, or to be some extremely talented criminal. Presumably, these activities, including the prostitution, have no long-term affect on the actives. Their personalities are wiped, and they go back to their tabula rasa (or rather Tabula Rosa) states. Or do they?

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