Candice Accola: The Mean Girl on 'The Vampire Diaries' - Featured

Almost every school has one and Mystic Falls High School is no exception. On The Vampire Diaries, Candice Accola makes her debut as a series regular as the manipulative Caroline Forbes, the nemesis of former friend Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev). Imagine watching Mean Girls but with less comedy and loads of vampire mysteries and that's what you get when you tune in on September 10 onThe CW.

You'll probably detest Caroline Forbes already even without learning her history and what caused her friendship with Elena to end. I'm guessing it had to do with a guy or some really trivial matter that has been blown out of proportion. But you'll hate her even more when she sets her sights on new student hottie Stefan (Paul Wesley), a vampire whom we all know has a thing for Elena. And because of that, I'm sure things will get even messier between the former girl friends.

But like all mean girls and bullies, there's always another side to why they're actually being mean and uncovering these layers makes a pretty good storyline for Caroline, who isn't the nicest girl but is clearly "misunderstood," according to Accola.

And while you gradually get to know the real Caroline beneath the mean girl facade, you'll also find that she's one of the characters that provide comic relief on The Vampire Diaries.

"There are a lot of one liner-little nothings that happen that just fall out of Caroline's mouth. She doesn't think before she speaks so that brings a natural comedic quality to her character," Accola told

Meanwhile, Accola is optimistic that The Vampire Diaries will live up to all the hype, adding, "I can tell you from a cast perspective that every time we open a script you hear gasps. We are shocked at everything that is coming up. The pilot is a beautiful introduction to the show. By episode two hold onto your britches!"

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