'Dexter' Season 4 Review: Subtle Yet Disturbing

With Dexter Morgan now living the dream as a husband and father, can season 4 possibly exceed Dexter's gripping third season? I'd like to believe so after watching the first episode of Showtime's hit series.

Like most of you, my expectations for Dexter are pretty high, especially with the addition of John Lithgow, who is so creepy and outright scary as the Trinity Killer. But it's a little bit different where I'm coming from since I'm not just a fan of the show ---I also have spoilery knowledge of what's in store this season, making it all the more difficult to enjoy the series. In spite of that, however, the fourth season opener absolutely blew my mind.

OK so maybe I'm exaggerating a little. It wasn't one of those episodes where you're on the edge of your seat most of the time. I admit that it was even a bit dragging. It also didn't cause my heart to palpitate in any way, at least not at first. But it was a very subtle yet disturbing introduction that will gradually build up your excitement for the episodes to come. By the end of the episode, you'd know why.

I won't give out any spoilers here but I will tell you that I've been watching this show since season 1 and have never seen Dexter this exhausted. It makes you feel sympathetic for America's favorite serial killer even more. Obviously, "Living the Dream," the title of the season 4 premiere, is a clever play on words because we all know that he has everything he could possibly want except the one thing he actually needs ---which is time to kill.

Season 4 can pretty much serve as a new chapter in Dexter's life so it's not that difficult for you to enjoy the new season even if you haven't seen season 3. At any rate, the first couple of minutes offer a montage of clips that gets you up to speed for the new season.

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Sep 23, 2009 6:30PM EDT

That was a horrible "review," and the only reason I have bothered to comment is so that in the future you will save others' valuable time and not post such dribble.
Most fans of the show agree that seasons 2 and 3 have been steadily declining with regard to the quality of the writing and that "Dexter," by now, has probably jumped the shark.
The addition of John Lithgow is promising, especially as a foil to the young and able persona of Dexter, but it may not be enough to recover from Jimmy Smit's horrendous contribution to an already weak seasonal cast. "The Skinner" was a lame excuse for a heel, obviously because Miguel was the true source of conflict, but after Miguel's disposal, the show did little to progress to any sort of a climax that really threatened Dexter's chance at "the American dream."
Maybe they outdid themselves in season 1; David Baez's portrayal of Gabriel was flawless, all elements of the viewing experience were utilized again and again, everything came together beautifully at the end, the plot progression was perfectly timed--it was truly a work of art, and also a unique sabbatical from the stereotypes we've come to expect with TV dramas, especially ones centered around murder, and the police.
I give your uninformative, poorly worded excuse for a review two big fat thumbs down.

Default avatar cat
Sep 26, 2009 2:52AM EDT

I must disagree on the comment above on one point. Yes season one was excellent, but season 2 was my faviorate. Seeing dexter under that kind of pressure was a little exicting. Season three did have some bad writing but I'm holding out hope for this next season.

Default avatar cat
Sep 28, 2009 2:15AM EDT

If I may add my two cents here. I think that the reason people are thinking seasons 2 and 3 weren't as good as the first was because they were expecting more of the same thing. But since that would get boring after awhile, (and since Dex only had 1 brother) they had to go with showing Dexter growing as a human being. Dexter finding out who he is and what he believes in was what season 2 was about. And 3 was about growing roots and becoming apart of something whether it be friendship or love or family.
This has also been one of the main reasons this show has been so successful. With the exception of being a serial killer there is alot about Dexter that people can relate to on a personal scale (alienation, loneliness, self discovery)
plus I'm sure everybody has a secret about themselves that they wouldn't tell anybody.
So I say Dexter is as awesome in season 3 as he was in season 1. And in season 4 we'll get to see him further grow into his role as a caring serial killing father

Default avatar cat
Sep 30, 2009 12:39AM EDT

I agree w/ the previous 2 posts.
Season 1:Awesome, got me hooked, great writing.
Now, season 2 was also amazing in very different ways. The writing was also really good for this season, as well. Dexter had a lot of pressure coming in at him on all sides (his department, the FBI, Doakes, love triangle). Very intense
Season 3 wasn't as good, but it was cool to see him getting closer to people. Season 4 promises to be good w/ the lack of sleep and time affecting his killing game. That coupled w/ the Trinity killer- yea, i'm pumped. Get'em Dexter

Default avatar cat
Oct 4, 2009 2:33AM EDT

Season 1: Amazing.Season 2: Amazing.Season 3: Amazing.Season 4: Starting to be amazing already.'nuff said.

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