'The Event' Won't Be As Confusing As 'Lost,' Says Producers - TCA Report

After the triumphant ending of 'Lost' and the ignominious flame-out of 'Heroes,' you'd think that audience would no longer be in the mood to buy into a complicated, serialized drama that ends up asking more questions than answering most of the time.

That seemed to be the mood in the room, as the producers for NBC's new series 'The Event' were peppered with questions from critics about the complicated nature of the pilot. It's an intricate story, with flashbacks that explain a particular scene in the present, lots of characters to keep track of, and finally the "Holy crap" moment at the end that's the actual event of the title.

The presentation of the story will be more linear going forward, however, exploring the relationships between the characters starting from episode two. "We're very cognizant of rewarding audience's patience," said executive producer Evan Katz. "We want to keep them hooked but asking other questions (at the same time). We're keeping mysteries open, but we're solving them. In second episode, we'll clearly answering the two biggest questions in the pilot."

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