Accidentally on Purpose Season 1, Episode 03: One Night Stand - Recap

Billie discovers that one of the affects of getting pregnant is a heightened libido, but finds relieving this symptom to be more difficult than she'd hoped. She had already found dating too hard while pregnant, and because of her golden rule sex with Zack is out of the question. However, she quickly throws caution and the golden rule to the wind and tries to seduce Zack, who has his own reasons for turning her down. It turns out that Zack had sought relief for the same symptom by himself, but had mistaken a rub on tanner for lotion, leaving him temporarily discolored and very embarrassed. After being rejected by Zack, Billie turns to a colleague at the paper, Brian, who she'd always had a flirty relationship with. When Zack catches wind of this he rushes out to stop it and finds Billie who tells him she couldn't go through with it. Zack then comes clean about why he couldn't sleep with her, which has more to do with his complicated feelings for her than an embarrassing lotion mishap.

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