MELISSA & JOEY ''Pilot'' Review Episode 1

Tonight was the pilot episode of ABC Family's new show, MELISSA & JOEY, starring Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence. Ahem, I mean Joe Lawrence. After their recent success with the movie My Fake Fiance, ABC Family decided that the actors had the right chemistry and humor to make a half hour comedy that viewers would tune in to see weekly. They may have been wrong.

Melissa & Joey centers around the named characters. Melissa is a councilwoman who has recently obtained custody of her niece, Lennox, and her nephew, Ryder, after their parents are involved in some sort of scandal or scheme that lands Melissa's sister in prison and causes her brother-in-law to flee, never to be heard of again. At least that is what I gathered from side comments made during the show. The viewer really does not get an exact explanation of what is going on. After all, prison and child abandonment is not funny, but the inability to keep track of the kids in your custody apparently is.

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