MELISSA & JOEY ''Moving On'' Review Episode 2

Whether we wanted it or not, the second episode of ABC Family's MELISSA & JOEY immediately followed the series premiere. Having conquered the premise of the show and having the relationships established in the premiere, I was ready for the show to provide more humor and substance. Still not sure if that occurred.

Melissa and Joey have settled into somewhat of a routine. So much so that she has decided not to hire a professional nanny, but rather settle for the guy that lied about running a youth camp out of college. That's right, he has absolutely no experience with children. Why wouldn't you hire him? Although for someone who was purportedly a wealthy commodities trader, he seems very comfortable doing laundry, vacuuming and cooking. Am I the only one that thinks that doesn't quite go with the Porsche he drives at least for the next 10 days?

The theme is moving on and all of the characters have done so, with the exception of Ryder who mostly seemed to be playing a bit part this episode. Melissa has decided to move on by dating a lobbyist who is looking for votes. After he gets what he needs, he drops his facade entirely and reveals that he is not interested in her team, sports or otherwise. Not a very smart councilwoman to not suspect that was going to happen.

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