America's Next Top Model Recap: Le Cycle 13 Premiere, Oh Mon Dieu! (Part Deux)

It's now time for Part Two of the America's Next Top Model Cycle 13 Premiere, and THIS is where the real action is: Makeovers! Moving into the house! Real photoshoots with a real photographer! It's ANTM bread and butter. And the final 14, while short in stature, look like they're going to be just as high in drama as their taller counterparts.

The 14 arrive in LA weeks after the casting episode was filmed, and there's SO! MUCH! SCREAMING! Except for Nicole, who has not increased her blood sugar at all since her walking coma performance in casting, but she has confidence! We know this because she tells us, in her dead-inside voice. Maybe I've been watching too much Dexter (Sidenote: I totally have, that show is amazing), but Nicole seems even more off than your usual "shy and awkward" girl. Not saying she's going to perform ritual killings in the mansion living room or anything. She's more like... an alien from a foreign planet. Like at any moment she'll look at Tyra and say "Your ancient customs are strange and fascinating to me, O exalted Earthling."

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