'Parenthood' - 'The Deep End of the Pool' Recap Episode 3

This week, things have slowed down a bit, compared to the land speed record that last week's episode achieved. And the show has started to grow on me a little bit.

It scored some great moments of sentiment and honest drama that were endearing and drew me a little closer to the characters, but it's still lacking in that other, all important area of the dramedy: the comedy.

The highlights of the episodes were between Crosby, played by Dax Shepard, and his new-found son Jabbar who get to spend a whole day together since his mom has a big dance audition. Crosby clearly wants to get to know his son, but in a way that doesn't interrupt his own life including the relationship he has with the woman he's about to marry. The moments between the two only took up a small portion of the episode, but it left me wanting to know and see more since it was the most promising outlet for comedy and humanity. In fact, their relationship alone could have made for its own great series.

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