'The Amazing Race 15' Recap: Cue Evil Smirk, Then Evil Laugh, Then Rejection (Episode 9)

In the words of my favorite Canadian indie band, "it's all gonna break!" Seems The Amazing Race this week is the week when everything goes right past the breaking point, and everybody tries to hold on. Maybe it was because I watched the show frustrated over other things, but it felt that all of the teams were just that close to going bonkers. Well, not really, because there was something good at the end, but still. Close to going bonkers.

Meghan and Cheyne arrived first at the pit stop in Mustpeade, and open their clues revealing their next destination: Prague, in the Czech Republic. Upon arrival, the teams have to go to the Old Town district and find a vintage Praga, which happens to be a car. But, of course, nobody knows about it. In the end, all four remaining teams were in the airport--unfortunately for the frontrunners the first flight out is not until 5am, so they all take the same flight--so it's a good time to figure out what a Praga is. Smart Meghan and Cheyne, they did that. Smart Globetrotters, they did that too.

Upon arrival, Brian and Ericka took the bus to the Old Town, because they were told in the plane that it's a much faster route. Alas, they were stuck in horrible traffic. The other three teams took taxis and found their destination, and Meghan and Cheyne would quickly reclaim the lead by finding the car first. Sam and Dan only found out what a Praga is when they saw the blues finding the car--I think they thought it was a jacket all along. No, that's a Prada. And is that even a jacket?

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