'NCIS' Season 7, Episode 18 - 'Jurisdiction' Recap

At this point in 'NCIS,' every episode has a certain amount of fun in it just because we like the characters so much. It's the team interaction and the nuggets of character development that are generally more interesting than the mystery, although there was a clever, treasure subplot in this one. And there was someone new in the mix. For more on the anti-Gibbs -- or maybe she was more of the alter-Gibbs -- follow me after the jump.

Diane Neal, former ADA on 'Law and Order: SVU,' was an intriguing choice as Gibbs' opposite number in the Coast Guard. That's right, there's a CGIS, the Coast Guard Investigative Service. Vance referred to it as a sister organization, but Gibbs bristled at the idea of sharing a case. Fortunately, Neal's Abigail Borin, was no shrinking violet. She liked playing hardball, and maybe because she was sort of a redhead, Gibbs' was sort of interested in how she worked. Or maybe he was ticked that she got the drop on him and Tony at Jensen's house?

Ducky provided the major clue to the mystery of Lt. Michael Jensen. His body was a mess after the ocean spit it onto the shore and it took a while to discover that Jensen wasn't Jensen. The corpse had a liver ailment that was unique enough to not be the real Jensen's but someone else in his life, the rich heart surgeon financing the treasure hunt.

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