Heroes: Preview of Episode 4.11 "Thanksgiving"

It's Thanksgiving on Heroes and Noah has a few surprises for his guests. If you recall, Noah didn't really do anything on last week's episode but this week he'll be hosting an untraditional dinner for the timely occasion which includes ex-wife Sandra, daughter Claire and friends Lauren Gilmore and Doug Douglas.

NBC has released a promo trailer for tonight's episode that includes some spoilers so watch and read the rest of this article at your own risk.

In the video, we see Claire telling her family that college isn't the place for her because she needs to be somewhere where she fits in. Something tells me, though, that her decision to leave school might change when she finds out that Gretchen's back.

Elsewhere, the Petrelli family gets a surprise guest at their table in the form of Sylar. Nathan finally confronts Peter and mother Angela about the body switching mess she concocted, consequently prompting Sylar to resurface.

At the Carnival, Hiro is still pissed off because Samuel broke his promise regarding Charlie. Hiro confides in Lydia, who then encourages Hiro to stand up to Samuel. But Samuel seems to be one step ahead of them as he rounds up the carnies and declares the traitor who killed his brother.

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