CSI Review: "Doctor Who" Season 10, Episode 22

Sara Sidle: So what was her interest in the Dr Jekyll Case?

Greg Sanders: And... did he have an interest in her?

This week’s episode was part one of the two-part season finale. There are several things I really liked about "Doctor Who."

First and foremost, it used several unique transitions between scenes. Two stand out in mind: First, the camera follows a drop of blood as it hits an object and that object turns out to be a windshield with the drop of blood becoming the red light in a stop light at which Ray Langston is sitting.

Second, Nick holds up a picture of a warehouse in the desert and as he asks “is this the place,” the camera zooms in to fill the frame and it becomes a live image of them searching the warehouse. My compliments to the Jeffrey G. Hunt (the director of the episode) and his crew, very nicely done!

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