'So You Think You Can Dance' Season 6, Episode 3: 'Things Get Wicked Awesome in Boston' - Recap

The common theme to So You Think You Can Dance auditions, and the reason they're infinitely better than American Idol's audition episodes, is that for SYTYCD, the weirdos are all entertaining, and sometimes they're even good enough to make it through.

Mary Murphy hit the nail on the head when she commented on Boston's first dancer, Teddy Tedholm, wondering if he was crazy or brilliant. Her verdict: he's crazy brilliant. That accurately sums up all of So You Think You Can Dance in a nutshell.

For Boston, Mary and Nigel are joined by recent Emmy winner Tyce Diorio, who now and forever will be my favorite SYTYCD choreographer, no matter how toxic his farts are.

Teddy Tedholm

Indeed, Teddy was an odd duck with plaid pants and a bow tie, and by looks alone, he was sure to fail. Then he danced, and it was odd yet beautiful, crazy yet brilliant. During his short audition I went from "Who the eff is this d-bag?" to "Wow, this is absurdly entertaining" to "Holy crap, this dude actually CAN dance."

Jean Lloret

This hip hop dancer got the shortest critique ever, as the judges simply gave him his plane ticket. And it's all explained in one simple move where he seems to bend the fabric of reality and the laws of gravity, Matrix-style, by levitating and rotating his body while holding himself up on one hand. I rewound my DVR about 10 times, and I still think George Lucas' Industrial Light and Magic had something to do with it, because what this guy did is physically impossible.

Russell Ferguson

Mr. Ferguson is a krumper, and he got Nigel to say it was buck. However, he's also proficient in other styles, which led Nigel to comment that he'd like to see a combo of krumping and tapping called krap. That was followed by an extended sequence where guest judge Tyce Diorio cut the cheese, so for about two minutes the Boston auditions were written by a 4th grade boy.

Channing Cooke

Meet the new Kayla Radomski, an 18-year-old enthusiast and perky blonde ice cream scooper. She's a little rough around the edges, but she's pretty, so I like her chances this season.

Karen and Matthew Hauer

This married ballroom couple has what Tyce called movie star good looks and Mary compared her to Jennifer Lopez. I hope that doesn't make him Marc Anthony, because that dude is butt ugly.

Gene Bersten

Here we come back to the "crazy brilliant" portion of the evening, because Gene is all about the sex appeal, only he's one of those overly cocky guys who thinks he's a lot hotter than he is. Even Cat Deeley can't resist rolling her eyes at this d-bag, and she's the freaking host. However, he actually has great dance moves, except for the fact that his face and especially his eyebrows are trying to hump the audience the entire time. He seriously needs to knock that crap off.

'''Kevin Hunte''

The final major dancer to make it through to Las Vegas is this hip hop kid who auditioned in season 3. He claims to have studied contemporary, but then does a hip hop audition, and Tyce calls him out on it. I was fairly certain Tyce was gonna pull out a knife, or possible let another silent but deadly gas bomb rip.

My Favorite Non-Vegas Dancer: Ryan Casey

Sadly, while all these dancers made it to Vegas, adorable 18-year-old Ryan Casey didn't, which is pure discrimination in my book. It has nothing to do with gender or race or sexual preference, he's just 6'8''. So basically, he's a walking freak of nature. But the dude can tap like crazy, the only problem is that he has way too much body and can't control it all at once, so his hands flail about as if independent from his body (bonus points to anyone who leaves a comment and identifies that obscure TV reference). In the end, there was no room for the BFG (and if you don't know what that means, go read a Roald Dahl book).

My Top 20 Predictions

Russell Ferguson: The Top 20 needs a krumper for once.

Channing Cooke: Watch out for this doe-eyed cute blonde girl.

Karen Hauer: The hot, hot, hot chick has a much better shot than her husband.

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