Quincy Coleman "Runs on Faith" on 'Brothers and Sisters'

What's a television show without its trademark tunes? Musician Quincy Coleman will reportedly return to lend her voice on the premiere of Brothers & Sisters, yet another thing to look forward to on the series' new season.

According to Mi2N, the singer-songwriter will be performing Eric Clapton's "Running on Faith" for the first episode of the fourth season. We'll be able to hear those renowned pipes of her on "The Road Ahead," in which Justin (Dave Annable) finally proposes to Rebecca (Emily VanCamp).

Quincy Coleman already made a name for herself on primetime television when she proved her talents singing for Brothers and Sisters in previous episodes. She sang "Bridge Over Troubled Water" on last season's two-hour special in spring. She has already outsold Aretha Franklin and Lee Ann Rimes' versions of the song on iTunes and landed on the #3 spot. Well, that's already good news since it's Johnny Cash and Simon and Garfunkel leading the list.

Other than her work on Brothers and Sisters, Coleman also managed to perform on another series, Men in Trees, with the song "Read Between the Minds." Furthermore, her rendition of "The Pie Song" in the Fox film Waitress and her own tune "Give it Away" allowed her several award nominations.

American Songwriter notes Quincy Coleman as a remarkable artist, saying "God graced her with a gorgeous voice." Aside from gaining fame on television, the artist has two albums out already. She released her first in 2003, titled Also Known as Mary. Three years later, Come Closer was launched.

If her own work isn't enough to convince anyone of her popularity, maybe her genes will. Coleman is actually the daughter of actress/model Jean Hale and actor Dabney Coleman. Whatever the case, she's still heading for more success with her return to Brothers and Sisters. Don't miss her performance on "The Road Ahead," premiering this Sunday, September 27 at 10pm on ABC.

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