Video Interview: Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch of Glee

Beware, major gleekage ahead!

Last week I had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting for a few minutes with Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch of Glee. Though the pair play nemeses Will Schuster and Sue Sylvester on the quirky musical comedy, in-person they have great chemistry and obviously enjoy some good-natured, not quite Sue Sylvester soul-crushing, teasing. Lynch even turned a little of that ribbing towards this star-struck reporter, when she told the crew I was "fresh meat," since it was my first press junket.

The evening before the interview, Kanye West had stormed the VMA stage to interrupt Taylor Swift, so I had to ask Morrison who'd just performed Kanye's "Gold Digger" on Glee his thoughts on the event. When it came out that co-star Lynch hadn't been watching the VMA's, he recounted the craziness with a play-by-play. Needless to say, he was relieved his "Gold Digger" performance had already aired and that no one would be asking him to perform it during the junket.

When Morrison and Lynch weren't chatting about Kanye, they had me in stitches as they amiably talked and laughed about their polar opposite real life high school experiences, a forthcoming Lindy Hop between rivals, and even sang a few bars from Gypsy. It's a must-see interview for any gleek.

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