'Hell's Kitchen': This Week's Most Outrageous Moments

Last night on Hell's Kitchen, there were some pretty crazy moments for the chefs.

First of all, I was surprised to learn that Chef Gordon Ramsay had once been a professional soccer player. And it's no surprise that his family members are all great at it too. So it was fun to see them take on the women in a game of soccer.

It was also pretty funny to see the men in yellow jumpsuits picking up trash. The items they found were everything from an old bicycle to hubcaps, to shopping carts and everything in between. It had to be a disgusting thing to do, but it surely made a huge improvement for the environment.

To me, the most incredible thing about the episode was that the dinner service on the first night took over four hours to complete. That's not the incredible part. It's that the diners actually stayed there for four hours, waiting for food. Who does that?

Another funny thing last night was that the women froze when they were choosing ingredients. Thank goodness, they managed to make something edible from beets, shallots, mango, ham, turnips & duck. [Yuck!]

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