Recap: Hollywood Week, Part Four

Welcome to the final evening of Hollywood week: The judges mansion. It's a magnificent place where the judges will give a yay or nay to the remaining contestants, and in some cases, they will make two contestants compete for one spot using the sing-off technique.

Wow, is this place insanely gorgeous, or what? Too bad I keep thinking Joe Millionaire is gonna pop up around the corner to propose to one of our fetching young wannabes. And is it strange to hold the last day before the final 36 is revealed in such a lavish place? It's feels kinda creepy and showy to me in these troubled times.

*Names in bold have made it to the top 36.

Who Goes Straight Through to the next round?

Anoop Desai gets a unanimous vote from the judges to go straight to the top 36! As Randy says, "Anoop is in da' house!"

Von Smith, aka Shouty Pants, makes it through after making the smart decision to take it down a notch on Tuesday's solo round.

Adam Lambert makes it straight through... after Simon torturously misleads him for a few moments.

Taylor Vaifanua, despite having messed up her words the first night in Hollywood, makes it through!

Jasmine Murray, Arianna Afsar, Casey Carlson, Megan Corkery, Mishavonna Henson, Stevie Wright are shown for a few seconds (what's up with dissing the ladies' on-screen time?) making it past the judges into the coveted top 36.

Joanna Pacitti has forgotten her lyrics in every single audition during Hollywood week. What happened to the rule of "forget your lyrics and you're out?" I think she's a lovely girl, but I'm not sure how fair that is to the other contestants. But the judges seem hell-bent on giving her a shot, and she makes it to the next round.

Kendall Beard shakes like a leaf waiting to hear that... she made it through!

Alexis Grace, the young single mother with a soulful voice, made a big impression on the judges during Hollywood week and makes it into the top tier.

Scott MacIntyre, the visually impaired sweetie, gets to move on in the competition! Now all we have to do is get him to work on the hair.

Lil Rounds, the compulsive over-singer, gets through as Simon calls her a "good, old-fashioned singer." I wish they would tell her to take it down a notch as well.

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