Recap: "Sink or Swim"

In this episode of CSI: Miami, Diddy's back (oh joy), Eric's in trouble, and Calleigh and Eric's budding relationship is almost foiled (again).

Everyone's gathered on the boat of "Miami's most famous defense attorney" (guest star Sean "Diddy" Combs) when a man comes aboard and opens fire into the sky above the guests. It's a robbery, and Derek's fiancee Nadine is shot and killed in the moment of escape. The CSIs arrive on the scene and begin by fingerprinting everyone on the boat to see where the gunshot came from. They think the robbers, who escaped on another boat, may have had help. Natalia and Ryan track down the abandoned getaway boat and find someone else fixing it up. The jewelry from the robbery is still on board and all that's missing is Derek's laptop, which was also stolen.

Horatio informs Eric that the city has revoked his protection detail due to his real identity as the son of a Russian mob member and a non-American citizen. Meanwhile, Calleigh is helping Derek track down his laptop via a device embedded in it. When they manage to tap into his home computer from the lab, which leads them to the laptop. (Their fancy machinery lost me somewhere along the way.)

Yolena is back this week and offers to take a case from some unidentified man that works for Alexander Sharova, who assigns her to take out Eric. Sharova found out Eric was looking into him and orders the hit. Being a PI doesn't pay, she says. However, Yolena then takes this information back to Horatio and tells him Eric has a target on his back.

Horatio appears in the back seat of the car of Alexander Sharova. Horatio takes him to meet Eric, who informs him his birth certificate has his name on it, but he says he can't remove the hit on him. Alexander's "I owe you nothing" attitude angers Eric, who punches him, leaving behind a tooth. Horatio keeps it for evidence.

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