The Biggest Loser Episode Recap: Week 11 Season 8, Episode 12

Last week Rebecca was sent home (and into the arms of her now boyfriend Daniel), leaving just five people remaining for four finale spots. Who gets one more shot at the $250,000 grand prize and the title? Keep reading to find out.

With one week until heading back to the real world, Bob and Jillian want to show their trainees just how far they've come. As the contestants do some of the workouts they struggled with in Week 1, we viewers get treated to some juxtaposed images of their former selves.

Suze Orman makes a surprise visit this week which may seem like an odd choice of guest for a weight-loss show. As she explains, though, wealth is a part of health and obesity is an expensive disease. She meets with them one-on-one and doles out the tough love she's known for.

Next the contestants participate in a money challenge. While walking on a treadmill they must answer questions. For each one they get right, they get $1,000. For each one wrong, they must increase their speed and incline. A few interesting facts: obese employees make $7,000 less than their non-obese counterparts and going from obese to an ideal weight will save $1 million over 40 years.

Bob takes some time to talk to the remaining five. He wants to see where their heads are, but also wants everyone to admit it's scary to return home. Things get emotional when Amanda tells Bob she's never been so happy in her life. When the two take their heart-to-heart outside, Bob tells her she's his "biggest success story this season." Cue the cheese. "I was looking for heroes this season...I found one in you," Bob whispers to Amanda.

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