GOSSIP GIRL ''Goodbye, Columbia'' Review

All I want to know is, Team Chuck or Team Blair? It was hard for me to pick a side because they are my two favorite characters but based on the last scene I'm team Blair all the way. It just reminded me that Chuck screwed up and broke Blair's heart, and bringing Jenny back is hitting below the belt. What are your thoughts about tonight's episode of Gossip Girl?

Serena - All I can say is that Serena deserved that drink at the end. I wonder what she did to that guy in prison to make him hate her so bad? Does anyone have theories? Personally, after what happened with the Hamilton House, I was shocked that Serena took Vanessa's word over Juliet's so easily. I'm hoping the group will join forces in the end to take Juliet down. Also, I don't like this new guy Serena is flirting with. He seems like a womanizer.

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