Being Human: "Series 2, Episode 2" Review

That's more like it. Things were looking a bit grim for series two of Being Human last time around, what with the lovely Nina understandably wallowing in a pit of misery, having caught a bad case of the werewolf at the end of series one. It didn't help matters that the rest of our lovable rogue's gallery - lycanthrope George, spectral Annie and vampire Mitchell - had all apparently suffered a personality lobotomy during the show's hiatus.

Thank the gods of Sunday night comedy drama then as our supernatural trio were on much better form for episode two. George might still be a bit of a misery, but at least he cracked a few jokes and wasn't a complete arse. Mitchell perked up considerably too, turning on the charm for more bumbling attempts at lady wooing, and even Annie - oh, Annie - settled down after last week's turn as a shrieking comedy harridan. In short, they may still be skulking in the shadows of last season's denouement, but our endearingly quirky cast of misfits seem more or less back to their old selves.

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