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There was a bit of exciting news this week for Joss Whedon fans, since it seems he is meeting with FX to discuss the possibility of a show. "Dollhouse" lovers should not get their hopes up; it is not likely to be this show, even if that would be kind of exciting. Fans have always said that Whedon should try cable networks, although Sci-Fi honestly would be the best choice for him. Still, this could mean good things for the Whedonites ... but "Dollhouse" is almost dead. And like the past eight episodes or so, the show enjoys making us regret every second of its demise by being fantastic. And yet some awful reality TV shows continues every season worse than ever. Ugh.

This is a complicated episode, but it starts right after the last one wrapped up with everyone finding out that Boyd is the big bad guy. There was a lot of speculation for what his big plan would be, and why he needed Caroline in the first place. No one really expected for him to be a crazy person, and yet somehow that worked really well. Go figure. The show starts out with Priya and Tony coming back to the Dollhouse, being adorable and in love, and find it completely abandoned. The rest of the team has gotten out, with Paul, Mellie and Adelle meeting up with Topher, Echo, and Boyd. Echo is going crazy and screaming, so Boyd has to sedate her, thus saving the big reveal of his evilness for later in the episode. They all decide to go to Tucson to destroy the Attic mainframe.

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