Recap: "Slip of the Tongue"

Californication comes again, with its second season premiere, with a real-life shadow hanging over it...but, more importantly for the production itself, with some of its cleverness diminished. And, as the title of the series might suggest, there is no way that this can be a "family-friendly" blog.

At the end of the first season, Karen (Natascha McElhone, perpetually a typo waiting to happen) leaves her repressed fiance at the altar, to reunite with the love of her life, Hank Moody (David Duchovny), much to the delight of their daughter, Becca (Madeleine Martin); we begin this episode with the couple enjoying cohabitation, albeit with the morning's agenda dominated by Hank's vasectomy appointment. Hank asks for, and gets, the opportunity for one more act of coitus before surgery, with the proviso from Karen that he wear a condom one last time. Further negotiation is more in fun than in earnest.

During his vasectomy, the nurse in the operating room (Sheri Moon Zombie), somewhat improbably in street clothes and perhaps even more improbably willing to come onto a patient during the procedure (even given it's Duchovny as the apparently irresistable Moody), lets him know that he can't engage in any kind of erectile sexual activity for 48 hours, and might want to consider getting a bag of frozen peas (or soybeans) as a pain and swelling reducer.

After a brief, playful and slightly painful cuddle with Karen, they make their way home, where Becca is not at all enthusiastic about either her parents' plans to move back to New York City nor their real estate agent's demand that Becca keep her room straightened up for buyers. Hank, who has no frozen vegetables in plain sight in his frost-heavy freezer, takes off his pants and rubs his crotch with an aluminum ice tray instead...only to have the real estate agent bring a couple in to see him doing so. "Make yourselves at home," he suggests.

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