Do You Have Sympathy for the Devil on 'Supernatural'?

I know it's wrong to say, but I'm really loving the Devil this season on Supernatural. Lucifer is a fascinating and compelling character, and whether he's played by Mark Pellegrino or Jared Padalecki, I just want more Lucifer on my screen.

This should come as no surprise, since villains are always more beloved than heroes. Christian Bale didn't win an Oscar for The Dark Knight, but Heath Ledger did. Gossip Girl fans love Chuck Bass but get bored with Dan. And at this year's Emmys, awards were given to a drug dealer, a murderous lawyer, and Lost's Benjamin Linus.

But the appeal of Lucifer on Supernatural is a little different. Instead of making him a fun, entertaining, over-the-top villain, the show and its writers have made him calm, reasonable, rational and sympathetic.

In "The End," Lucifer, possessing Sam's body five years in the future, explained to Dean why he was banished from Heaven, and thanks to the brilliant writing by Ben Edlund, I was ready to agree with Lucifer at the end of it.

Of course Dean is a lot stronger than I am, and a lot stronger than many TV characters. He's not sucked into Lucifer's stories and he feels no sympathy for the ultimate demon. But it's still interesting to watch Lucifer manipulate others with nothing more than the truth.

A lot of the past demons and villains on Supernatural have been scary, from Azazel with his yellow eyes to Lilith as a creepy little girl. But Lucifer is a different kind of villain, one who preys on your sympathy and emotions rather than your fears.

So I don't care who knows it, and I don't care if it means P. Diddy will lead his army of Twitter followers against me. When it comes to Supernatural, I love Lucifer and I'm proud to say it.

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What's wrong with this comment?

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Oct 4, 2009 3:13AM EDT

I have to agree with you. The way that Lucifer speaks, its like you can't help but feel for him. And feel his pain at being cast out of Heaven.
I guess thats part of the reason why we all love Supernatural so much. Because of the way the storylines are written and the characters are played out by the actors.
I'm really looking forward to more. It'll be interesting to see how things play out.
But yes, I too will say it proudly (= I love Lucifer.


What's wrong with this comment?

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Oct 5, 2009 3:59AM EDT

..... oookkeeyyy .... well, i like the character, but i've encountered enough smooth talkers and studied enough of the folly of man where his pretty words and dark interpretations didn't touch anywhere near home. although, for a basic cable Satan, it was extremely well done (not looking down on the show or anything, its just the satan of my nightmares is worse- but that will always be the case for everybody). i will say i like the whole nonchalantness with which the character takes in everything (turn around and, oh, didn't i just kill you?), it's rather well done. often i find interpretations of the devil are usually too focused on being the embodiment of evil, where this satan seems to just take that in stride, its almost an afterthought. hell, according to his reason, he aint even evil (corse that being a matter of perspective, its sorta a moot point). without that drawing focus, the character can concentrate on another aspect of his personality, being manipulative. its a good balance to have for a satan.

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