How Will As the World Turns Say Goodbye?

Major Spoiler Alert! We don't need to decipher the writings of Nostradamus to find out how the World will come to an end - TV Guide Magazine has the exclusive scoop from As the World Turns exec producer Chris Goutman! Look for lots of love and happy endings before the CBS soap concludes its run September 17, including two big weddings, some major romantic reconciliations and a final episode - featuring pretty much the entire cast - that's all about new beginnings.

"We're trying to bring a 54-year-old show to a satisfactory and emotional wrap-up and to call it difficult would be the understatement of the century," says Goutman. "The loss of this show is tremendous - not just to those of us who make it and for the fans who love it, but for the entire daytime drama industry. Right to the end we will put out the message that life goes on. Long after ATWT is off the air, we want our characters to still be living their lives in the imaginations of the viewers."

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