Supernatural Season 5, Episode 4: "The End" - Recap

Last season, Dean took a time trip to the past to catch the beginning of the Winchester story. Now he's making a jump to the future just in time to be there for the end. It involves two Deans, a demonic virus, a very (very) human Cas and most significantly Sam as Lucifer. But will the brothers finally reunite? At the beginning of "The End" things don't look that way.

Sam calls Dean

Sam calls Dean and tells him he wants back in the game. Dean's skeptical of course, after all, it sounds like his brother's on another one of his revenge kicks. Sam begs to differ; he feels finding and killing Lucifer is more about redemption. Dean ultimately tells Sam they're better off without each other. He actually says: "We're not stronger when we're together, Sam. I think we're weaker." Hearing Dean utter these words was so wrong because it goes against what he said to Big Daddy Winchester (BDW) in Season 1's "Dead Man's Blood." He told his dad that Sam was right; they were stronger as a family. And as that episode ended, John believed it too. And then the fierce Winchester men teamed up to try and take down the thing that killed Mary. It's sad that everything that has happened over the last few years has led Dean to this way of thinking. It's shades of BDW is what it is. It seems like Dean's reasoning smacks off John's reasons for ditching Dean pre-Pilot or when he left the boys at the end of Season 1's "Shadow." When Dean ends the phone call after saying goodbye to Sam, you can tell how much it hurts him to say those words.

I'm trying to figure how I feel about Sam calling Dean and wanting to reunite. Part of me thinks he's not ready. I get the urgency - you don't find out you're wanted as the vessel for Lucifer everyday. I just don't think enough time has passed for him to be able to trust himself when it comes to hunting, but I also don't think he has the luxury of time when Armageddon is here. Kudos to Sam for telling Dean he's Lucifer's chosen vessel. I was hoping he wouldn't keep that one a secret. It definitely shows he's changing his secretive ways. I would have liked to have seen Sam's reaction to Dean's goodbye before getting into the business of the future.

A Tale of Two Deans

When 2009-Dean starts traversing through this wrecked world that is 2014, the future version of him knocks him out and takes him back to camp. By the way, another set of kudos goes to the special effects department or whoever is responsible for the scenes where Jensen's playing the two roles. It's amazing how real it looks. Anyway, 2014-Dean is the leader of the hunters/resistance and he has a hardened presence about him. What a difference five years makes. He's been forced to make some really tough decisions and is willing to sacrifice friends for the greater good. He gives his past self the hard sell on trying to change this horrible future. He decides to take Dean with him on his mission to get the Colt because he wants him to see Sam who didn't die, he said yes to Lucifer. He's desperate to get Dean to just say, "Yes," to Michael. He says he's tried and all the angels have left the building so they're not answering him.

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