THE CLOSER ''Last Woman Standing'' Review Season 6, Episode 9

The title of this episode of THE CLOSER, Last Woman Standing, refers to both Brenda and this week’s homicide victim, Judy Lynn. It’s the title of the struggling actress’s one-woman show, plus it’s Brenda’s title as she is the last woman in contention for the chief of police job. As the last woman standing, Brenda realizes that this job promotion isn’t so much about her and what she wants anymore - at least that’s what everyone tries to make her understand.

Judy Lynn was attacked and smothered to death with a pillow in her apartment after she went out on a date with a guy she met on the Internet dating service, LA Guys and Dolls. I wanted the killer to be that guy, Mark/Dreamweaver, since he was such a smug player, but that would have been way too obvious. The repeated mentions of the cable service being out in Judy’s apartment were not too subtle hints to the identity of the killer. Brenda seemed to struggle with letting Commander Taylor run the investigation, which is perhaps a sign of things to come if she does get the promotion.

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