Project Runway: Tim Gunn Thinks Heidi Klum Is "Superwoman"

Having worked for years together on Project Runway, Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum continue to praise each other for their successes. However, it looks like the fashion guru is still in awe of the supermodel after all this time. Talking to People, the workroom mentor kept complimenting the reality show's host.

"I don't know how she does it. She really is Superwoman," Tim Gunn said of Heidi. He really summed it up well, seeing as how she's been busy with saving the fashion and family world. Coming up with two maternity lines, slaving for the runway and caring for her four kids sounds like too much for us normal beings, but certainly not for Klum.

During Wednesday's Red Dress Awards held in Manhattan, Gunn went on to say that he feels overwhelmed by the Project Runway host's credentials. That doesn't stop him from liking her though.

"I don't have even one quarter of what she has on her plate, and I always feel like I'm a hair shy of a psychotic breakdown," he exclaimed, in his trademark Gunn wit. If he already feels so belittled by Heidi's accomplishments, then we're probably the size of dustmites.

Anyway, Tim Gunn was asked about what he thought of Heidi's recently released maternity line. Of course, he still found it amazing.

"Oh, Heidi always makes it work," the Project Runway mentor declared. "But yes, she's really infused fashion into maternity wear, and I'm crazy about what she's doing. I think it's wonderful."

Speaking of maternity and mothers, Tim Gunn also talked about his own. He has just joined the campaign to raise awareness against heart disease, siding with the Campbell Soup Company for the cause.

We know how this was addressed in a recent Project Runway episode, but it's way more personal than that for the fashion guru. His own mother is afflicted with a heart condition and is still trying to pull through.

"She's had a wonderful life and she's been fighting this disease for a long time, and frankly, she's getting tired," Gunn explained. "She's in the hospital now, so this is an issue that is part of my life and it means a great deal to me."

Heidi the superwoman may not make it all better, but we know she'll be around to help her friend Tim throughout.

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