Madchen Amick Aims to Give CSI: NY's Mac a New Dimension

For CSI: NY's Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise), work comes first. So why is his love life getting so much attention lately?

"For six seasons you didn't get to follow Mac home," Madchen Amick, who plays Mac's latest love interest, Dr. Aubrey Hunter, tells "[The writers] really wanted to explore that and give another dimension to Mac. They felt like fans are ready to see Mac outside of work life."

However, Amick says, Mac and Aubrey hit it off because they're so focused on their work. "They have this immediate attraction, and they probably recognize within each other without really knowing that they're both very career-driven," she says. "Mac's always so busy with his cases and never has time in personal relationships that Aubrey ends up being something really refreshing to him."

Aubrey's career? Before becoming an emergency-room doctor in New York, she served two tours as a medic in Afghanistan. "She's very driven, but also very passionate about serving people," the 39-year-old Amick says. "That's the reason she's serving in the Reserves and working as an emergency room doctor as opposed to being some physician with a practice sitting back making money."

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