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Two weeks, or thirteen days, to be exact, before True Blood, season 2. There are new people coming in, and the cynical (or clueless) will say it's to replace the people who were killed in the first season last year. Then again, if you've been reading the books--I'll admit, I haven't--then you'll know these things are written out, so for the most part, they're inevitable.

Which leads us to Lafayette, that homosexual cook at Merlotte's. Stephen Moyer recently talked to E! Online about the character, and actually revealed... nothing. Or maybe everything's been said in what he didn't say. Possible spoilers ahead!.

"Lafayette, I can't talk about," he said, when asked about the future of Nelsan Ellis' character. "Nelsan is an amazing dude, and, uh, I hope he does come back ... but I, you know ... who knows."

Is there a huge question mark on his future? Ellis is not in any of the show's promotional photos, nor in the press releases. Lafayette isn't in the later books in the Sookie Stackhouse series, even. So if he's really going to be gone, well, it's something we should expect, pending a reason why he'll be gone.

I'll put a marker on what Moyer just said. "I hope he does come back," he said, and my speculative radar comes up. Did something happen between Ellis and the producers? Far shot, I know, since there's been no noise of that sort around True Blood lately (as far as I know), but you can't eliminate that. Either that, or the writers are trying to circumvent around the books and get him back for some part of the upcoming season, and perhaps beyond.

But I don't know. There's also the thing of girl-to-girl action in future episodes, but...

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