Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 3, Episode 12 - A Weekend in the Country

Joey complains to Dawson and Pacey about lack of guests in her sister's "Bed & Breakfast". Later, she and Bessie ask a bank for a loan, but all the bank can do is suggest they take a mortgage on their house. Bessie asks for an application, but Joey vehemently rejects the idea, so the Potter sisters start fighting. Trying to help Joey, Dawson suggests to film an advertising video. During the shooting, Pacey appears and announces he has invited Mr. Fricke, a renowned "Bed & Breakfast" critic, to stay at the establishment. Plus, he has invited a bunch of fake guests (Mitch, Gale, Grams, Jack, Andie and Jen). Joey doesn't like the idea at all, but it's too late to say no -- Mr. Fricke arrives earlier than expected. Needless to say, nothing works properly (the toilet overflows, the furnace breaks down), and Mr. Fricke doesn't seem too pleased (which only makes fighting between Joey and Bessie intensify). In the evening, Mr. Fricke goes away in search for a dinner, and the fake guests try to light the fire in a fireplace. The male guests can't succeed, but Grams does the job easily. Then, everyone gets together, and a conversation starts. Grams recalls watching her late husband sleep by the fire all night long, which, as she says, is the sign of true love. Then, everyone starts remembering his or her favorite smell, as well as the memories associated with it. Finally, Mr. Fricke arrives. Joey goes to sleep. When she wakes up in the morning, she sees everyone (including Mr. Fricke) enjoy breakfast in the kitchen. Mr. Fricke unexpectedly praises the "Bed & Breakfast", saying that he loved the food. Joey expresses her doubts about Bessie's cooking. But it appears that the chef who cooked the food is none other than Bodie, who came to visit his girlfriend (Bessie) and son.

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